Date: 10/17/20 11:25 am
From: Joseph Kennedy <josephkennedy36...>
Subject: [texbirds] Smith Point Hawk Watch yesterday Friday
Headed out to smith point with high hope with the forecast of a strong
front and some sunshine later in the day. There had been no rain at my
house for several hours but when I got to I10 it rained all the way to the
exit. Rain then stopped until about noon but was around where hawks come

Non hawks included a large flock of snow geese out over the bay from
Robbins Park, and large white ibis (150) and white pelican (250) flocks
during the day. A wisp of 6 common snipe went over and a couple of other
hazy shoebird flocks seen. A group of great blue herons came down trinity
bay at the park and headed across after some discussion.

Only found 1 scissor-tailed flycatcher and 3 eastern phoebes around the
area and few land birds. One siskin said shree overhead late in the am. A
merlin sat in a favorite treetop a couple of times and later a
yellow-shafted flicker used the same perches. A couple of pine warblers in
town and my first scaly-breasted munias for smith point.

The peacocks that have been there so long are either thinned way out or
gone as several large dogs on large chains now live in their favored

Way back at the start of the hawk watch a single adult broad-winged hawk
set up a territory near candy abshier. The bird was in its favorite tree
yesterday am and I only say it as a passing coopers hawk made it move.

Good numbers of kestrels all over and up to 5 over the tower a one time.
both accipiters went by but the broad-wings just muddled. A couple of
harriers were passing.

A couple of hundred turkey vultures were in the air at their roost site
getting ready to head to the point but never made it out of the drizzle and
had gone back to bed when I left.

All the hawks had retired with the drizzle after lunch. And the drizzle
lasted until I was most of the way home and no sun ever anywhere even
though my phone said it was imminent despite the green on the radar.

But the big day makes up for days like this.

Joseph C. Kennedy
on Buffalo Bayou in West Houston

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