Date: 10/17/20 8:46 am
From: Madison Botch <madisonbotch15...>
Subject: Downy Woodpecker on Lanternfly Egg Mass
Hi everyone!

I apologize in advance if you thought there would be an amazing picture of
this event, but my skills at pulling my camera out quickly enough are
sub-par at best and I couldn’t capture the moment.

However, I am visiting my parents’ in Berks County and noticed a Downy
Woodpecker clinging to the side of their brick house pecking away, and upon
closer examination I realized it was going at this egg mass. I didn’t see
any live insect movement, but can someone confirm that this is in fact a
lanternfly egg mass? It’s my first time seeing one in person.

I found this so fascinating because I know there was that lanternfly
project that PSU was doing with tracking birds’ interactions, and I’m
wondering if I’m able to make a submission without a photo of the actual
interaction, and how I would go about that? I remember the emails but had
deleted them all. Any guidance is greatly appreciated! I’ll try to monitor
the area to see if the Downy comes back, but it flew off to a different
yard after I noticed these happenings.



Madison Botch
Pennsylvania State University

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