Date: 10/17/20 8:23 am
From: Jerry Davis <jwdavis...>
Subject: MIgrant Mix Joins Resident Birds
Friday afternoon I noticed a mixed group of birds that arrived about the same time in my yard at about 2:30 PM. This included 24 Yellow-rumped warblers, 6 Nashville warblers, 5 Pine Warblers, 3 Ruby-crowned Kinglets and a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak. They fed on the oaks, conifers, various plants and seeds and use the waters. There may have been others that I did not see in the backyard. They were still present and feeding in the late afternoon. The Pine Warblers are year around residents but I usually do not see that many at one time. The Chipping Sparrows are residents but the numbers have increased.

This morning Saturday, I had my first White-throated Sparrows.

Jerry Wayne Davis
Hot Springs, AR
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