Date: 10/12/20 2:30 pm
From: Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Bella Vista 'falconwatch'

After I took over from Joan and Jake on Sunday afternoon, I failed to see
much other than a Merlin and a few Red-tails. This morning, I tried a new
spot at Bella Vista x Mariposa, a bit west of the regular spot. I have seen
birds thermaling up on a ridge at this spot from the regular spot. It has a
more 360 degree view here, although it seems that the best thermal route
may be even further west as it seemed birds were sneaking by just over the
ridge above me. I was able to see a couple each of Cooper's and
Sharp-shinneds. Two of these were flying out over the coastal plain and
made a 90 degree course change to thermal up near where I was, which seemed
to indicate some value in this spot. On the ridge above me, I saw both
Prairie and Peregrine Falcons, a Northern Harrier, and 2 WT Kites. A
perched Kestrel gave me all four falcons along this stretch in <24 hours.
In addition to regular looks at TVs and Red-taileds, I saw one
Red-shouldered and eventually had another small buteo fly by rather
distantly for several minutes out over the coastal plain that I felt
comfortable calling a Broad-winged based on the relatively pointed wings
and apparent lack of the pale primary panel.

Nick Lethaby
Goleta, CA

Mobile: 805 284 6200

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