Date: 10/11/20 10:32 pm
From: Conor McMahon <conormcmahon22...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Big Sit
I did a Big Sit at the UCSB Lagoon today to compare against Linus's
yesterday. I didn't do quite as well - ended up at 64 species. I still
think this site has a lot of potential for big sits, though.

Christian Puga made it out today for a bit as well. We didn't see any very
unusual species, but the highlight for me was watching our campus Peregrine
try (unsuccessfully) for about a minute to take one of the two Kingfishers
that hangs out at the Lagoon. The Kingfisher flew back and forth low over
the water with the falcon pursuing it and any time the falcon got close it
would dive shallowly into the water, as if after a fish, and then pop right
back up after the falcon had passed. Eventually the Peregrine gave up and
afterwards the two Kingfishers flew several angry, rattling victory laps
back and forth over the lagoon. Pretty cool interaction and not something
I've seen before!

I set up at (34.407507, -119.846039) <>,
but if I were to do this again I think I might try a slightly different
spot. The views from here are best to the east and south which was a bit
glaring today with cloudless sun from dawn onwards.



On Sat, Oct 10, 2020 at 8:14 PM Linus Blomqvist <linus.blomqvist...>

> Hi all,
> I did a Big Sit at Haskell's Beach today, on the little knoll southeast of
> the Bacara Resort (34.4307914, -119.9147157). I started at 6.15 am and
> stayed the rest of the day. Christian Puga joined for a couple of hours in
> the morning and another friend for a couple of hours in the afternoon. With
> their help, I managed to see a respectable 72 species from within my 17 ft
> circle. All but two were expected at this time and location. The exceptions
> were a Northern Waterthrush in the creek below, and two White Pelicans
> flying by inland.
> To my knowledge, 72 is the highest count for a Big Sit in the county. I
> really enjoyed the day and I hope more people will have an opportunity to
> do a Big Sit next year.
> Checklist:
> Linus
> ______________
> *Linus Blomqvist*

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