Date: 10/11/20 9:12 pm
From: Joan Lentz ( address) <joanlentz...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] hawk watching today at Bella Vista - 2-4 pm
Hi All:
Today I went with Marilyn Harding and Carol Goodell up to the hawk watch site on Bella Vista. Conditions were perfect, clear with slight north/northwest breeze. We were soon joined by Jay and Rosey Bishop and their son. As we left, Nick Lethaby appeared.
There was a mild movement of some raptors, including Turkey Vultures, but only one of interest: a very dark individual—small raptor. Jay had the only spotting scope and he was on it. The rest of us had OK views, although I have never been confident with Broad-winged Hawk identification. My only experience has been with light morph juveniles.
This bird was a small raptor flying fast over the ridge from west to east, it was completely dark on the head, chest and belly, all the way out to the outline of the inner wing linings. The outer parts of the wing were pale white. The tail appeared to have one subterminal band, pale but not gleaming white. Otherwise, the whole bird was dark brown/black from above and as described below.
Having looked at images online, I am willing to consider that this might’ve been a dark morph BROAD-WINGED HAWK, but I am not recording it as such. Wanted to get the information out there….

Good birding!

Joan Lentz

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