Date: 10/6/20 6:09 pm
From: Rob Hofberg <rhofberg...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Warbler with large heavy bill
This late afternoon (4:45 - 5:30) I sat by the pond at the Riviera Business
Park. It was bristling with warblers, with the heavy majority being
yellow-rumped. Also seen were Wilson's, Yellow, orange-crowned, 1 female
black-throated gray, the blackpoll that has been seen up there and 2

Twice I got good looks at a very faded looking warbler with a really
larger, stout bill. The bill was a real stand out. At first I thought it
might be a vireo. The bird had a faded yellow drab head and chest, whitish
belly and drab olive back. It was in the vegetation in the pond.

If anyone goes there in the next days please keep an eye out. I'd like to
get some feedback on what it might be.


Rob Hofberg

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