Date: 10/6/20 12:02 pm
From: Noah Arthur via <semirelicta...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Mystery bird
Could this be an Eastern Meadowlark...? The head is quite boldly patterned, and the rectrices appear to have solid black centers...
Noah Arthur (Oakland/Ventura)

On Monday, October 5, 2020, 7:16:55 AM PDT, Phila Rogers <philajane...> wrote:

I'm afraid the photo didn't attach so here goes again.  Except for the strong-marked black and white head, it certainly looks like a meadowlark.  The injured bird is at the brid rescue place.  Phila 
On Sun, Oct 4, 2020 at 9:37 PM <feather...> wrote:

Hi, Phila,

Was there supposed to be an image with this e mail?


Lisa Walker-Roseman
Fort Bragg, CA (visiting Lompoc until sometime in November)

On Sun, 4 Oct 2020 20:05:35 -0700, Phila Rogers <philajane...>
> Found walking around on one of our courtyards here at Samarkand )next to
> Oak Park.  It appeared to be unable to fly.  Except for the
> strongly-marked head, it resembles a mocking bird.  I suspect it may be
> an exotic which escaped its cage.  Any thoughts?  Phila Rogers>
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