Date: 10/1/20 2:08 pm
From: Stephen Emerson <alphaequulei...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] beginner id help

On August 22nd I noticed a large raptor like bird flying overhead in Orcutt
just as it was about to go out of view over the horizon and I managed to
take a few pictures. I didn't take any notes and only was able to view it
through the camera viewfinder for a few seconds while I was fumbling with
the manual focus. My recollection was that it's wingspan was close to that
of a turkey vulture. I was astonished after downloading the pictures that
it looks like a seabird of some sort. I'm pretty certain this bird is
considerably larger than a gull. Hoping someone can give me an idea what it
might be. Thank you in advance.

Steve Emerson


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