Date: 9/27/20 7:19 pm
From: Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) <feather...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Curlew sandpiper: duration of visit so far
From one of my photos, it appears that the keel bone on this bird is a bit
more apparent than it should be. My personal guess is that the bird is
trying to fatten up before departure. It is a juvenile, so disorientation
is also likely. Two weeks! That's pretty amazing. It does seem to join one
flock of Sanderlings as they come in, but doesn't seem to leave with them
when they leave, choosing instead to join another flock of Sanderlings. (I
watched it do this twice while visiting there on the 23rd). If it was
present today, I may make the trip down again to see it one more time...
maybe I will get lucky and the sun will actually be out this time!

Photo attached to illustrate what looks like a rather thin breast bone (to
me - I did a lot of wildlife rescue and birds were my main focus from 1986
to 2003)


On Mon, 28 Sep 2020 00:01:30 +0000 (UTC), "Florence Sanchez via"
<sanchezucsb11...> wrote:
> I was thrilled to read that the Curlew Sandpiper is still present. It
> been seen every day since Sept. 16th, making today's date Day 13. If it
> shows up again tomorrow, it will complete 2 full weeks here. That is
> remarkable.
> I have had discussions with a couple of birders about why this bird is
> staying so long. Someone suggested that perhaps the Sandpiper made one
> long trans-Pacific flight before landing here and thus is sticking
> to build up its strength before continuing on. Along those lines,
> birder suggested that the bird might be so disoriented that it thinks
> here is where it's supposed to be. We will never now of course, but it's
> intriguing to try to figure out.
> I've wondered that because the food supply is so good on its favorite
> beach, there may be no reason to leave. However, Mark Holmgren reminded
> me that changing currents and wave patterns sometimes wipe out all the
> kelp wrack on this beach. If that happens while the Curlew Sandpiper is
> still here, it might decide to finally move on. We will have to wait and
> see.
> Florence Sanchez
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Lisa D Walker-Roseman,

Fort Bragg, CA (visiting Lompoc through November)

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