Date: 9/25/20 5:03 pm
From: Dave Compton <davcompton60...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Regugio and bella Vista Open Space
Jim Hodgson spotted the American Redstart in the olive trees around the
picnic tables at Bella Vista Open Space around noon. Later, it was high in
one of the pines in the north-central part of the park.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

On Fri, Sep 25, 2020 at 4:26 PM Florence Sanchez via
<sanchezucsb11...> wrote:

> I went to Bella Vista first to try to find the Warblers seen yesterday,
> but the fog had rolled in. As a result, light and visibility was poor and
> activity was minimal. I left without seeing either American Redstart or
> Black-and-White Warbler.
> My next stop was Refugio where the fog was just rolling in. Soon light
> and contrast was poor here. Following Nick Lethaby and John Callender, I
> eventually got mediocre looks at both Lucy's and Tennessee Warblers, along
> with several more common species (see Johns eBird list). I checked the
> creek upstream from the park and apart from some common birds bathing at a
> point north of the freeway onramp, there wasn't much happening there.
> Just on a whim, I walked a little way up the old Aniso bike-hike trail,
> which no longer connects with El Capitan SP because part of the trail
> collapsed along with a piece of the bluff. By the old interpretive sign, I
> spotted a small footpath that led to the edge of the bluff. There on the
> beach was a huge raptor that I knew had to be a Bald Eagle. Through
> binoculars, I could see that it was a near adult with some brownish streaks
> on the nearly white head. After a few minutes, it took off toward El
> Capitan and I could see the back still had some mottling from white
> feathers. I did not spot a wing tag.
> By then there was better light and I eventually got better looks at both
> Tennessee and Lucy's Warblers before heading back to Bella Vista, now
> sunny. Several birders had been looking for the American Redstart without
> success, but we did turn up the Black and White Warbler in the trees along
> the little watercourse.
> Florence Sanchez

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