Date: 9/15/20 9:28 pm
From: Anne Spence <aspencerrt...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Smoke birding question for the experts
Was curious if a more expert birder, "ornithological/scientific-type" mind
would be willing to
try an answer a question:

Since California has really never seen these types of fires & huge clouds
of smoke that
"wipe the coastland off the map," what do you think these clouds will do to
migrating bird flocks?

I've read the Audubon's internet article about how birds will react to
fires. The article didn't really answer what the birds would do if they've
already been migrating.

If they can't see the moon while flying or sky while flying at night how
can they navigate?
Will they just stay in place until the smoke clears completely?
Or move a little at a time?

Hope this isn't a stupid question..
Weather West <> <>

*Anne Spence*

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