Date: 9/15/20 2:20 pm
From: Susan Barnes Elliott <honeywarbler...>
Subject: [mou-net] It’s Time to Nominate Your Birding Mentors/Heros/Role Models for the 2020 MOU Awards!
NOW is the time to honor your birding hero/mentor/inspiration by nominating
her/they/him for an MOU Award, to be presented at this year’s virtual Paper
Session. Below is a very brief description of the four Awards given by the
MOU (for more information, please go to

The Thomas S. Roberts Award is the MOU’s lifetime achievement award, given
for outstanding contributions to Minnesota ornithology and birding.
The Volunteer
of the Year Award is presented to a person whose dedicated, useful service
to the MOU and/or the birding community at large has made a significant
difference, and is a way for the MOU to honor those individuals who have
devoted many hours and much energy to the good of birds. The Brother
Theodore Voelker Award is awarded for special achievement in field
ornithology" during the past year (November, 2019-October 2020). The
Voelker Award honors achievements in one of three categories: significant
bird sighting(s), something written (e.g., journal article, book, or
technical paper), or a field research project. The Young Birder Award is
for someone under 25 years old who has contributed to knowledge of
Minnesota birds or to the MOU.

Please send your nomination by October 22 to Susan Elliott (Awards
Committee Chair) at <honeywarbler...> (if you prefer to send your
nomination by mail, please contact Susan via email and she will send you
her address).

The MOU, the Awards Committee, and your birding heros, mentors and role
models all thank you in advance for your assistance, interest and input in
these Awards.

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