Date: 9/15/20 1:17 pm
From: DEBRA SHEARWATER <debiluv...>
Howdy, MBB Birders,

The juvenile SABINE’S GULL was at Paicines Reservoir this morning.

I was at the reservoir from 10:53 until 11:28 a.m. There was no fog, although it is still very hazy. I was able to pick out the gull in flight within seconds of parking at the Highway 25 pullout. I did not walk out along the levee. There was a lot of heat shimmer. So, it would be best to arriver earlier than I did if you want to count all of the water birds. The Ring-billed Gull may have been there, sitting on the water, but the heat shimmer made it too hard for me to be certain.

Here’s my checklist: <>

The LEWIS’S WOODPECKER was on the third utility pole north of the parking area.

Just north of the intersection of Highway 25 and Panoche Road (J1), there are a number of elderberry shrubs about 10 feet tall. PHAINOPEPLA have been feeding on the berries.

In my previous post, I forgot to include our checklist from yesterday, September 14. We walked along the levee with permission from the Paicines Ranch owners. Photographs of the Sabine’s Gull and Ring-billed Gull are in this checklist. <>

If you visit the reservoir, please let us know if you see the Sabine’s Gull, or not.

Happy Trails,

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