Date: 9/15/20 12:09 pm
From: Jason B <jlbaumga...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Revisiting budget binocular recommendations
Dear GABO,

A friend in Houston has asked me for recommendations for binoculars. She
wants to get into some casual birding and wildlife watching. It was like
10 years ago when I was familiar with the specific models that were out.
The most recent post in the GABO archives on this is from 2018 which may be
out-of-date. I mentioned the Nikon 5 Monarchs to her which I see are close
to $300, and she doesn't want to spend that much. She didn't rule it out,
but that would be her luxury option. So we are talking more like the price
range of the old Vortex that were popular or Eagle Optics, which I see has
apparently gone out of business. As she put it, "Something affordable but
not crappy and relatively sturdy for when I inevitably drop it. " What's
out there now that you can recommend? And what are good vendors to get
them from?

Thank you,

Jason B.

North Druid Hills, GA

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