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Subject: RE: Hummer chasing redstarts out of mister!
Our hummingbird feeders attract quite a few visitors, and only one of those species is a hummingbird! The hummers chase off most of the interlopers, but there is one species that I found they cannot seem to intimidate… House Finch.

House Finches hang around our feeders like teenagers outside the liquor store… they just won’t go away. They especially like the sugar water, and more often than not, one or more is stuck on a feeder sipping away. And they just give the hummer that is shuttling back and forth the avian equivalent of the stink eye and keep on drinking that calorie-water! You go House Finch…

Steve Shultz
Apex NC

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Subject: Hummer chasing redstarts out of mister!

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Redstarts here and two are taking a bath on the leaves where the mister is located

Guess who flew in and chased them off?
Female hummingbird😊 Who then proceeded to take many baths on multiple leaves😊😊😊
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Ann Maddock
Hatteras Island, NC
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