Date: 9/15/20 10:42 am
From: David Davis <daviszepp2...>
Subject: [va-bird] Chinese characters in posts
I assume that others are also seeing Chinese characters appearing in va-bird online posts—or at least in the digests, which I receive. This has been going on for some time, but today something I posted also has a couple of Chinese characters replacing part of a word.

So, I sent a screen shot to my son, an Asian scholar living in Singapore, for his opinion. I really wasn’t sure whether the characters were Chinese or Japanese, but he can handle both. His reply follows:

"Lol. It's just garbage Chinese; some kind of unicode snafu. The first character is apparently for the element "Holmium" (atomic number 67). The second I couldn't find in the two dictionaries I checked but the tree (木) radical on the left suggests it's probably an antiquated/obscure botanical name.”

So the mystery remains. Frankly, I think it’s the Chinese Army Cybercommand reviewing our posts before they appear on the list-serve. Or, maybe someone is just messing with us. :-)


Dave Davis

PS. My son doesn’t waste all of his time on Asian language and culture. He is also a very serious birder and posts all of his sightings on eBird, as every birder should.

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