Date: 9/15/20 9:01 am
From: Ian Gardner <gardnie07...>
Subject: Good Fallout including Mourning Warbler, SGL 211 Dauphin County
Great morning today at the State Game Lands 211 Storage Barn area. This is
a section of fields and trails almost directly across the street from the
Victoria Trailhead along Clarks Valley Rd. Once I stepped out of my car I
could hear birds moving overhead. Many Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were giving
their squeaky calls. Many warblers were unidentifiable in the light and
distance. Many flocks were moving quickly through the tree lines along the
fields. At one point I shifted my view from a Worm-eating to a Wilson’s
then an adult male Mourning Warbler! I only managed a few poor quality
photos of the Wilson’s. Overall I had 20 species of warblers with Mourning
as the best highlight and an early Yellow-rumped the most surprising. 68
species overall including great looks at Yellow-bellied Flycatcher,
Lincoln’s Sparrow, and Purple Finch in the Field edges, and a Philadelphia
Vireo in the cleared forest section. Northern breeding birds were
definitely moving through with last night’s northern winds.

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Ian Gardner,
Harrisburg, PA
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