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To add to what Mitch said, that was the case for Zone-tailed Hawk on my
Edwards County place. I have seven years of data for my place, and my
earliest first observed date for ZTHA was March 14. My latest last observed
date was September 6. Even though I spent a lot of time there, especially
during migration, I wasn't there full time. If I lived there my FO and LO
dates might be a little earlier or later, but probably not by a whole lot.

Lori Markoff
Citrus Heights, CA

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I would say arrival peak for Zone-tailed Hawk in the southern central
Edwards Plateau of Uvalde Co., is March. This seems to be when they are
moving. Some few winter, but most breeders here depart for the winter,
March is when you start seeing them again everywhere.

Mitch Heindel

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