Date: 9/14/20 10:05 am
From: Russ Namitz <namitzr...>
Subject: [obol] Nocturnal Flight Counts eBird (Re: Migration of Thrushes/songbirds...)
Hello all~

**Disregard this message if eBird prattle bothers you.

With the amazing nocturnal migration that is being witnessed and talked about, I would imagine that more observers are stepping outside to witness and take part with their own observations. I did this for the first time this year last week and recorded my observations in eBird, which flagged the species of Swainson's Thrush due to the high count reported. Rob Fowler (Arcata/California birder/friend) alerted me to the NFC (Nocturnal Flight Count) eBird protocol.

I normally don't do nocturnal flight counts when birding and was unaware, so I thought I would pass this information along.

All of this is moot, if you are not an eBird user, so my apologies for that.

Russ Namitz

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