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All –

As for arrival dates, that totally makes sense, as the Tubac, AZ Hawk Watch in mid-March counts many Zone-tailed Hawk migrants as well as their “highlight bird”, the Common Black Hawk.

Clay Taylor
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Calallen (Corpus Christi) TX

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Anthony, Texbirds,

I am blown away by the early spring dates of the former Zone-tailed Hawks occurrences in the region, 19 and 24 March. It's like they arrive with the very first wave of migratory Turkey Vultures. Fascinating.

Justin Bosler
Austin, Texas

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Greetings All:

An adult Zone-tailed Hawk (found by Anthony Hewetson and Kathryn
Brautigam at 9:25 and photographed by Anthony Hewetson and Alan
Livingston from 10:21 to 10:26) was at Clapp Park in Lubbock this
morning. As photographs were taken of the bird from far, far below we
had the identification confirmed by Dr. Clint Boal and Katheryn
Watson, two raptor biologists at TTU, before sending this post.

This is the third record of the species for my region: one in Terry
County in 2010, one in Lubbock County earlier this year, and this

Photographs will be uploaded to my eBird report a little later today.

Anthony Hewetson; Lubbock
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