Date: 9/13/20 8:09 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] South Coast Update 9/13/20
Knowing that several folks birding on the south coast rarely report on OBOL
I thought I would summarize what I know from today, some of which I had to
go fishing for on eBird. Such is life in today’s birding world. So here we

Floras Lake area:
Caleb, Courtney and Colby scored big yesterday with some real south coast
rarities. The early bird gets the BLACK-NECKED STILT, and they were the
Hinkles who must have been there in the dense fog at sunrise. No one else
saw this major Curry rarity that I think Caleb spied yesterday in a tiny
scrape on way into Floras Lake(lucky it was even there today, when I got
there the local cows were all over the tiny water pond). The BREWER’S
SPARROW Colby found was seen by all thanks to great directions by him.
Another awesome find- glad it was around a second day! Both species common
elsewhere but VERY rare in Curry County. The Hinkles found a COMMON
NIGHTHAWK in the shortgrass and heavy fog there. A good late date for this
species? They also reported ELEGANT TERNS offshore in the thick fog (heard
only) which is what I heard late afternoon- hard to say how many (ocean not
visible from beach- very thick fog!). I had a nice flyby calling PACIFIC
GOLDEN- PLOVER in PM. Other flybys in fog included both Baird’s and Pec
Sands plus A Pipits.

Gold Beach:

Across from Indian Village Restaurant:

Russ Namitz refound the N PARULA found by Hinkles day before. No luck with
BLACK-THROATED SPARROW which no one refound today. I was down hopefully to
see parula but just had great looks at BWWA I had seen day before.

Diane Cavaness had 15 ELEGANT TERNS at Gold Beach yesterday. Today Caleb
and Courtney had like 75 at N Jetty Chetco River, Brookings.

I surely missed some birds,
Additions appreciated by those out there...

Happy birding,
Tim R
Coos Bay

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