Date: 9/10/20 9:39 am
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Help with ID
There's more, Common Merganser wise. They are cavity nesters, including
trees if they can find a cavity big enough. I've seen a female land in the
top of a 200' Cottonwood tree here, about 1/4 mile from the Clackamas
River. Surveying the local scene for nesting possibilities. This puts any
Wood Duck to shame!
Broods are commonly seen all along the Clackamas River hereabouts.
Bob OBrien Carver OR

On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 2:37 AM larspernorgren <larspernorgren...>

> Yes. Common Mergansers. There have been a few eBird reports of
> "Red-breasted" Mergansers at inland locations the past month, perhaps
> inspired by juvenile Common. Red-breasteds are Arctic nesters that winter
> on saltwater. They are the size of Mallards. Common Mergansers are 50%
> bigger, one of our largest ducks. Yet they frequent surprisingly small
> streams as well as the main stem of the Willamette . Greasy Creek and Woods
> Creek are tributaries of the Marys near Philomath where Common Mergansers
> were seen when l was growing up. Both streams can be straddled dry shod by
> adult humans most of the year.
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> Subject: [obol] Help with ID
> Hi,
> Sorry about the poor photo quality. This was taken on Sunday on the Salmon
> River near Welches. Are these mergansers?
> Thx, JJ Furuno

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