Date: 9/10/20 7:51 am
From: Harry Armistead <harryarmistead...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Ferry Neck, September 4-8, 2020.
FERRY NECK, SEPTEMBER 4-8, 2020. A time of goldenrod, tickseed sunflowers, and clematis (and in my case, Clamato juice and cheese curls). Those sunflowers are so brilliant that at Easton along Route 322 (across from McDonald’s), you’d almost wish you had dark glasses.

SEPTEMBER 4, FRIDAY. A brief drive through John Brown Road turf farm but only see 2 laughing gulls and 2 horned larks plus a cloudless sulphur.

Arrive at Ferry Neck 3:30 P.M. Right off there’s a little brown-headed nuthatch at the one feeder that has a tiny bit of feed left over from more than a week ago. Very seldom see them anymore. They used to breed in our woods. High was 13 on January 1, 1955. Also a blue-gray gnatcatcher, a cattle egret, an adult bald eagle, 5 unIDd peep, and an immature little blue heron.

4 gray squirrels. 1 eastern cottontails. 2 does and a 6-pt. buck in Field 1. Overcast, 88 falling to 74, rain 6:15-7:15 amounts to 0.35”, wind NW 5-10. Before this 0.55” fallen since August 29. Lots of standing water. A firefly; don’t think I’ve very seen one this late in the year, perhaps enervated by the rain.

Yesterday was our 54th wedding anniversary. Not only that but the Phillies won on a walkoff in the 10th (bonus baseball) inning and the Flyers won in double overtime. Anne and her daughter Alexis arrive.

SEPTEMBER 5, SATURDAY. 40 species, incl.: osprey 9, bald eagle 6, least sandpiper 3 (land in Field 1), royal tern 2, ruby-throated hummingbird 3, eastern wood-pewee 1, red-breasted nuthatch 1, brown-headed nuthatch 3 (at the feeders; voracious, tame), veery 1, blue-gray gnatcatcher 2, cedar waxwing flocks of 5 and 12 = 17, red-eyed vireo 2, magnolia warbler 1, American redstart 1, northern parula 1, black-and-white warbler 1, Baltimore oriole 2, bobolink 2.

gray squirrel 4 (much scolding; WHAT did I do now?), eastern cottontail 2, monarch 3, red admiral 1. summer azure 1, cabbage white 14, orange sulphur 2, cloudless sulphur 1, buckeye 1, diamond-backed terrapin 2.

68-81, clear or fair, NW15-10-calm at end, for a while NE or NNE 5+, low humidity. Lots of standing water. For the 1st time hear a scissor-grinder cicada. Mostly I hear them farther south from here, at Blackwater and Kiptopeke for example.

SEPTEMBER 6, SUNDAY. weather: nice one. 3 each of these: royal tern, Forster’s tern, bald eagle, ruby-throated hummingbird, brown-headed nuthatch, and Carolina chickadee plus Canada goose 25, black-and-white warbler 1. diamond-backed terrapin 5. An osprey catches a white perch in the cove, spends a half hour devouring it, at which point I have to leave for dinner.

SEPTEMBER 7, MONDAY, LABOR DAY. another beauty with few birds. brown-headed nuthatch 1, bald eagle 4 (again an adult goes deep into Woods 1 at the head of Poplar Cove with a small fish), diamond-backed terrapin 5.

SEPTEMBER 8, TUESDAY. Shortly after midnight Liz, from our bed, hears an eastern screech-owl, giving the whinny call.

SEPTEMBER 19 DORCHESTER COUNTY FALL BIRD COUNT: Could still use a few more participants. …

Harry Armistead, Bellevue, MD, and Philadelphia, PA.

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