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Subject: [obol] Re: [COBOL] Page Springs Plumbeous Vireo
I don't believe that the insect being referred to is a Dobson Fly.  Ant Lions are separate from them.
Dobson Flies are aquatic as a larvae and Ant Lions make those little conical pits in the sand as larvae (Non-aquatic).
Obviously, I could be wrong but if you are looking for larval stages, you would have to search in different environs.
Bob Taylor
On Wednesday, September 9, 2020, 09:57:50 AM PDT, larspernorgren <larspernorgren...> wrote:

The first place l ever saw evidence of ant lions was under a juniper north of Glass Buttes. I think they're quite common in much of Oregon's juniper zone. I'm struck by the late date of this vireo's presence four seasons in a row with circumstantial  evidence of breeding. Could the Dobson's fly's annual cycle at Page Springs be involved?

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Great photos indeed!  However Dr. G, that is a Dobson Fly in its beak, the larval stage of which is an ant lion.  They are in a totally different order of insects, Neuroptera meaning nerve-winged which includes the beneficial lacewings.  You better order that field guide I emailed about yesterday!  Enjoy,
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Nice photos.  Especially like the one with the damselfly!


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I added a few more pictures and a sound recording of the Plumbeous Vireo today for those interested.


Tom Crabtree, Bend

Mark Gonzalez
Bend, Oregon
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