Date: 9/9/20 10:19 am
From: Patricia Valdata <pvaldata1...>
Subject: [MDBirding] anting
We've had a sudden uptick in activity with the rain ending. Right now a
Chipping Sparrow and three Mourning Doves appear to be anting in the front
yard, lying low with wings spread. The doves periodically lift one wing
straight up and hold it there for a bit.

I counted 17 species in a half hour while sitting in the sunroom. A
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher and Yellow Warbler flitted through; all the other
birds were locals, including baby Eastern Bluebirds, House Finches,
Goldfinches, and Chipping Sparrows. The Chippies and Goldfinches are still
begging; the other two species are foraging for themselves. Still have
hummers squabbling.

It was fun to watch a Carolina Chickadee pull out a thistle seed from the
tube feeder and hold it in its toes to peck it open. Seemed like a lot of
work for a tiny meal. I guess it's time to put the sunflower seed out.

Pat Valdata
Crisfield, Somerset County

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