Date: 9/9/20 8:05 am
From: Shelly Plante <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender Shelly.Plante for DMARC)
Subject: [texbirds] Birding Classic: last week to register!
Have you registered your team for this year's Great Texas Birding Classic? If not, there's still time!
Monday, Sept. 14: Team registration deadline
October 1-31: Participate from anywhere in Texas
Register now - pick your tournament day later!

How It Works:
To register your team, follow the steps in How To Participate (

If you are still deciding which category is right for you, here's a quick description of each tournament category (there really is something for everyone!):

The Expanded Big Sit! Bird from a 50-foot diameter circle with your friends, family, or colleagues! This category is great for teams that have one or two "ringer" birders or large teams, and the circle is expanded this year to allow for plenty of social distancing.

State Park Tournament, Big Sit! or Sunrise-to-Noon Tournaments. Ideal for teams seeking a more laid-back day without too much traveling around and mixed age teams.

Regional Big Day. Perfect for those who want to test their skills against others in a specific part of the state, while birding for most or all of a 24-hour period. Teams can be done either as an "Intact Flock" or as a "Dispersed Flock" (see rules for more details on these two categories). Categories are separated by age groups: Roughwings (13&younger), Gliders (age 14-18), or Adults (19&up).

Statewide Tournament. Take on birders throughout Texas for the Statewide Big Day Tournament (one day) which can be done either as an "Intact Flock" or as a "Dispersed Flock" (see rules for more details on these two categories).

Human-Powered Tournament. Go birding by canoe, on a bike, walking, or with any other non-motorized transportation and see how many birds you can count in a day! This is a "Dispersed Flock" tournament so team members can be located anywhere in the state.

Stay safe out there and pay attention to any local ordinances. You may need to make online or advance reservations to access your favorite birding spots during the tournament, so be sure to plan ahead. Wash hands often, wear a mask, and maintain 6-foot distances between you and other people not in your quarantine "pod" of family/friends.

Go to<> for complete rules, registration fees, and more information.

Good birding,
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