Date: 9/8/20 4:15 pm
From: Lisa Larson <lisafaylarson...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Schwan Lake
Hello Birders,

I dipped on the Yellow-breasted Chat, but the park was pretty lively with

At the west end of the park, and a bit east of the 2 giant oaks I found a
number of warblers: Black-throated Gray, Yellow, Wilsons, and
Orange-crowned. This has been a typical area to see Black-throated Grays in
early fall.

A pair of Red-shouldered Hawks were there, and made a number of appearances
while hunting. One seemed to nearly hit Brian Scanlon in the head.

I saw 2 pairs of Hutton's Vireos in different areas of the park. Schwan
Lake is reliable for them.

In the first ravine between the two loops of paths I found a Great-horned
Owl. I had always thought it looked like a good place for a GHOW, but today
was my first sighting of one there.

No crowned or sparrows of note yet, but there are plenty of poison oak
berries awaiting them. They do love the big clump by the "ghost tree".

Acorn, Downy, Hairy, and Nuttall's Woodpeckers were present.

Happy fall migration birding!


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