Date: 9/8/20 10:11 am
From: Jay Withgott <withgott...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Page Springs Plumbeous Vireo

Hi all —

Lovely photos of the Plumbeous Vireo from Tye and Tom — well done! If anyone has gotten, or can get, decent-quality audio recordings of the bird, please make those publicly available via an eBird list or otherwise. Ed Pandolfino has been studying vocalizations of Plumbeous and Cassin’s in the NW Great Basin with an eye toward helping us all better discriminate the species and sort out their distribution in the rather vast region of uncertainty in se OR / ne CA / nw NV / sw ID. A paper of his will be published soon in Western Birds, and he has helped me analyze recordings of mine (turning a possible Plumbeous into a “Sorry, Jay”) — but what would be useful is to have more documentation of more singing birds in this region. Of course the current Page Springs vireo may be one of the same individuals that’s already been recorded in prior years (it’s been 4 straight falls now that 1-3 birds have been there), but still, more documentation will always help.

Jay Withgott
Very far from Page Springs

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