Date: 9/6/20 9:01 am
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Magical Morning 9/6/20 Coos Bay
Went out with Pipit for our three mile beach walk on N Spit Coos Bay this
AM. We started before sunrise. When we got to beach the sun was just up. I
had bins but no scope but right away I was able to see many SOOTY
SHEARWATERS near shore. It was blowing good from north but no wind just

The BROWN PELICANS were moving north in big numbers, I saw hundreds in the
hour I was on the beach plus another 150 that flew over from Coos Bay
headed north.

There were small pods of phalaropes moving here and there. All three loons
species. Flocks of RB Mergansers. Hundreds of cormorants. Surf and WW
Scoters. Many gulls. Just one tern- a Caspian. Saw a whale spout close to
shore but when I got my bins on it there were only more Sooty Shearwaters.
At one point an adult PARASITIC JAEGER came bombing threw and knocked a
peli to the water then started harassing gulls.

While watching the offshore action I heard a familiar call and looked down
at the beach and 32 MARBLED GODWITS landed right in front of me! They only
stayed a minute then headed north. A couple hundred Sanderlings and a few
Western Sands on beach otherwise.

At the boat ramp there were still 20 Purple Martin.

Yesterday was out at N Spit Coos Bay and checked the small wet mud spot at
the old Weyco pond site. There were 11 Pectoral Sands, 11 SB Dows, 3 LB
Dows, a few Leasties and one Western Sand plus the usual few Wilson Snipe.
Did see a BW Teal there a few days ago with the duck flock too.

Don and Robyn’s BN STILT was still at Redmon pond in Bandon yesterday also.

Happy birding all!
Tim Rodenkirk
Coos Bay

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