Date: 9/5/20 2:44 pm
From: Nicholas Martens <nicholas.j.martens...>
Subject: [obol] Common Tern - Jackson Co.
Common Tern at Emigrant Lake in Jackson County. Lake bed is is awfully dry, and water doesn’t go much farther south than Emigrant Lake County Park. We parked at free lot here: (42.1523248, -122.6209154) and hiked down. Common Tern was at southern extent of water and occasionally flying.

Bird was smaller, more slender, more acrobatic than nearby Caspian Tern. White forehead, with dark around eyes and nape. When sitting, dark carpal bar was very prominent.

Also, when as we parked we looked up and had a flyover flock of 28 Lewis’ Woodpeckers heading south past the lake. It was quite a sight!

Maureen and I checked in on the California Thrasher this morning and found it easily within a few minutes as it briefly came out into the road before disappearing behind a row of blackberries.

Happy Birding,
Nick and Maureen*******
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