Date: 9/4/20 3:22 pm
From: Nancy Stotz <nstotznew...>
Subject: [obol] Fwd: dispersing Acorn Woodpeckers?
Spent a very pleasant morning on Mary's Peak (Benton County) today,
enjoying a spectacular smoke-enhanced sunrise on the drive up. Most
surprising bird was an Acorn Woodpecker that I first heard, and then
watched cross overhead when I was in the meadow near the cell phone towers
on the lower peak (a little below the campground). Using the Species Map
function in eBird, I could find only one other record of an Acorn
Woodpecker on Mary's Peak, from 1977 (mid-July). On OBOL, there have been
recent reports from Portland neighborhood that doesn't normally host them,
and on Mt Hebo in the Coast Range in Tillamook County. Perhaps these are
dispersing individuals after the breeding season?

Other highlights on the peak included a nice flock of 16 American Pipits
and 2 Townsend's Solitaires. Links to 3 full eBird checklists follow.

Nancy Stotz

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