Date: 9/3/20 2:27 pm
From: Tom Crabtree <tc...>
Subject: [obol] Tumalo Northern Parula continues
I birded the willows along the inlet canal at Tumalo Reservoir (actually
Tumalo meadow now since there is no water going into it) this morning in
hopes of finding the Northern Parula that Matt Cahill found on Saturday and
relocated yesterday by Caleb and Courtney. Amazingly the bird is still
around. During the first half hour of birding I encountered numerous
Orange-crowneds of all three subspecies and Yellow-rumps, but the Parula
remained elusive. In the rough location where Matt found the bird I began
playing the vocalizations of an Eastern Screech Owl. Almost immediately four
Orange-crowneds and two Yellow-rumps came to investigate. About t minutes
later the Northern Parula popped into view and I was able to snap a few
pictures. I called out to Bob Sizoo and Stefan Schlick who were in the
vicinity and fortunately they were able to get on the bird before it
disappeared in the willows. The coordinates of where we had the sighting
are 44.1354, -121.4206. It was also great running into John and Laura
Sullivan, but disappointing that we could not relocate the bird.

Here is my complete checklist and photos:

Tom Crabtree, Bend

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