Date: 9/3/20 1:09 pm
From: 'Elizabeth Van Dyke' via mbbirds <mbbirds...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] California Condors Dolan Fire Update
Here’s some good news in a difficult situation.

Condor nestling #1031, also known as “Iniko”, survived the Dolan Fire.

Four month old Condor #1033 also survived the fire and was taken to the Los Angeles Zoo.

See below for the latest update by Kelly Sorenson, Executive Director of the Ventana Wildlife Society.

Here is a link to the Ventana Wildlife Society web page if you have any questions, would like to keep up to date, make a donation to help rebuild the burned structures, participate in their Annual Online Auction which happened to be scheduled for now, or learn more about California Condor and Bald Eagle recovery, research and education. <>

Elizabeth Van Dyke
Santa Cruz


From Kelly Sorenson, Executive Director of the Ventana Wildlife Society
Condor Nestling “Iniko” Survives the Dolan Fire
We are delighted to share the wonderful news that condor chick “Iniko <> #1031 is alive and well! Our field crew was given the green light by fire authorities with the US Forest Service to go into the Dolan Fire <> burn scar area, yesterday, and view the Redwood nest tree of “Kingpin” #167 <> and “Redwood Queen” #190 <>. Watch Video! <>

The fire burned just ten feet below the nest cavity, yet “Iniko” survived the fire as observed by Ventana Wildlife Society biologists, Joe Burnett and Darren Gross.

“We were not optimistic as we hiked through the fire’s devastation. To find Iniko alive and well is simply a miracle,” said Burnett.

While we are overjoyed to find “Iniko,” there is now a fifth condor chick #1033 directly impacted by the Dolan Fire.

We are happy to report that yesterday, #1033 was saved from her nest, where she was in a cliff cavity directly in the path of the advancing Dolan fire line.

Working quickly with our longtime partners with the US Fish and Wildlife Service <>, and Pinnacles National Park <>, the VWS-Pinnacles field team heroically saved chick #1033.

Chick #1033, age 4 months, has been relying on only her father, “Puff Daddy” #219, as her mother “Wild 1” 231 disappeared last May.

Ventana Wildlife Society biologist Stephanie Herrera safely delivered chick #1033 to her new temporary home at the Los Angeles Zoo <> where she will spend the next year until ready to be released back into the wild and reunited with its flock.

We are still missing 11 condors, including two chicks and nine adults/sub-adults. The Dolan Fire has burned over 31,000 acres and is currently 40% contained. As the Dolan Fire rages on, help us rebuild the Condor’s Big Sur Sanctuary <>. Our goal is to raise $500,000 to continue our work restoring this magnificent species.

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