Date: 9/2/20 10:04 am
From: <brrobb...>
Subject: [obol] Summer Lake Hawk
Thanks to all who have responded to my question privately or via OBOL. The
consensus is that this bird is an immature Red-shouldered Hawk. In addition
to the OBOL responses, other thoughts included:

The amount of dark mottling/barring below seems excessive for a young
Broad-winged. Further, all the white barring in the folded secondaries is a
better fit for Red-shouldered as is the mostly dark head. Another feature
that almost always points to Red-shouldered is the comparative width of the
dark and light tail bands. On Red-shouldered the dark bands are typically
noticeably wider than the light bands.

Broad-winged never has pale spots on the secondary wing feathers, whereas
Red-shouldered always has those pale spots.

Thanks very much for your thoughts and expertise.



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