Date: 9/2/20 2:12 am
From: Eve Wilson <evew...>
Subject: [birders] Night flight - help identification
About 10:30 last night while taking the dog to the bathroom, about 30 minutes north of Traverse City on the East Traverse Bay in the back yard near the woods, a bird flew by about 8-10 feet off the ground so fast that for a second I inanely thought “UFO”. In the light from the porch it was a light color and flew perfectly strait and super fast. There was more of a sense of sound than an actual sound; but if it was a sound it was a faint buzz or whir.
I am thinking owl. Not real big, but not small either. Maybe 20 inches long and wider than a falcon. Reading about them they seem to go more slowly a lot of the time. Do they ever go that fast? I would say it was fast like a Merlin when hunting which I have seen several times. But it looked like a bullet. I didn’t see wings, just a bullet shaped blur.
Any ideas about what this was?

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