Date: 9/1/20 9:04 pm
From: Earl Lebow <hawkowl...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Pajaro dunes south entry
Hi everyone,

Good news!!!  
We have created a simple fix for entry to Pajaro Dunes South Gate. For those of you who may be unaware, our privileges had been suspended  because unauthorized visitors claiming to be birders were gaining access. Fortunately we have come up with a solution. 
The gatehouse staff have been great to work with and were pleased when we suggested an option that will minimize unauthorized entry as well as the effort they will have to expend. 

We will be using a password and list of authorized birders. Before obtaining a password you will need to sign in to the club website and read the updated regulations for entry. After that you can send an email  request for a password.  Below are instructions on how to do that. 
To obtain the password sign on to the website ( On the line just below the photo of the albatross is a menu with several options. Go to the 3rd option from the left titled Birding In Santa Cruz. Hold your cursor over that and you will see a drop down menu with Pajaro Dunes at the bottom. Click on that and you will find all the regulations for access as well as requests for small groups and reporting mega rarities. 
At the bottom of the instructions are links to either the SCBC email or my email.  I prefer you use the SCBC email since it will be more efficient in terms of creating and generating a list for the Pajaro dunes staff. Send an email with your full name requesting both access and the password. We will need your name and email to honor your request, compile a list of birders for the Dunes staff and to notify you of future changes in these instructions. We will send you the password after we receive your request. 

Please be patient since it may take a little while to get passwords to everyone.  Remember, our intention is to prevent unauthorized access to Pajaro Dunes so it is important not to share the password and to refer anyone who may want access to Pajaro Dunes to the above instructions.  We would all like to continue to have unrestricted access as we have had in the past. 
Feel free to contact me offline if you have any comments or questions about this procedure. I'm sure it can be improved and welcome your thoughts but would prefer not to use MBB to discuss these details. 
Thanks in advance for your support in this matter. I want to thank Phil Brown, Randy Wardle, Lisa Sheridan and Alex Rinkert for their collaboration in creating this as well as those who suggested using a password when this first came up. 
Happy Birding,
Earl Lebow

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