Date: 9/1/20 7:47 pm
From: Justin Bosler <justin.bosler...>
Subject: [texbirds] Early S-bound Songbirds - West Texas

As others have shared, it's shaping up to be a big week for southbound
songbirds in West Texas. This is the beginning of peak fall migration out
west, and from the looks of it, greater numbers of birds have appeared
slightly earlier than usual as they retreat from drought-stricken breeding
grounds. Get out there and beat the bushes before the spectacle is over.

Yesterday, 31 August, at Forrest Park in Lamesa (*Dawson*) I found an
early *Hermit
Thrush *and *Swainson's Thrush* among a nice mix of songbirds
including one *Townsend's
Warbler*. This might be record early for S-bound Swainson's Thrush which
doesn't breed in the Sky Islands of West Texas as does Hermit.

While following up on a Sterna tern report in Lubbock (*Lubbock*), I
discovered an early *American Pipit* at McAlister Park. The tern was gone
and so was an uncommon Semipalmated Plover that was photographed an hour
earlier. There were no uncommon hummingbirds at Clapp Park and the
arboretum feeders (Broad-tailed and Calliope - seemingly reported with
greater frequency than their true natural fall occurrence) but I did find a
single *Red-eyed Vireo* tagging along with a *Warbling Vireo*.

Today, 1 September, at the only playa with water in seemingly all of *Bailey,
*near Maple I found an early family group of *Cedar Waxwings* - what
appeared to be 2 adults and 1 streaked juvenile. There was another adult
male *Townsend's Warbler* here along with a showy, presumed juvenile
male *American

After work in eastern New Mexico, I returned to Littlefied (*Lamb*) and
decided to take a peek at the celebrated, though painfully parched, city
cemetery. I was very pleased to discover a fresh *Cassin's Vireo* and a
young *Gray Flycatcher*. Both in the north section of the cemetery.

I'm sure that I am omitting other notable birds but those are the

Good birding,
Justin Bosler
Littlefield, Texas

(note: county names in italics)

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