Date: 9/1/20 9:26 am
From: Harry Fuller <atowhee...>
Subject: [obol] Uncommon sparrow for Polk County
Bill Tice informs me that the Lark Sparrow we saw at Baskett Non-slough
yesterday was only the third Polk County record. Here's deets on where it
was yesterday morning:
*This young bird was among the goldfinches feeding in the ripe seed-bearing
plants along the dirt road south from the Coville Road elbow. That elbow
is the one due south of the NWR parking lot with the toilet building. This
bird was east of that dirt road in the tallest stalks between road and what
would be marsh if there were water.*
There were Savannah Sparrows there as well, of course.

No picture captured of LASP but lotsa TVs and a silly young Coop:

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