Date: 9/1/20 9:11 am
From: Pam Otley <pamo1954...>
Subject: [obol] Egrets at Malheur HQ
Hi all,

At Malheur HQ this morning. A Great Egret flew into the pond, followed
closely by 4 egrets that were definitely smaller. Most likely all were
Snowy Egrets though one that landed right beside the GREG looked very
small. It may have just been hunched over. I was up on the lawn when they
arrived and took several distant photos. I walked down to the blind, trying
to stay out of sight, but after a couple of photos they all flew. Aarrggh!

I will be driving home the rest of today but hope to see if the photos I
took might suggest other egret species....Little Blue, Cattle(?!)....I will
post my list with photos.

Hopefully this group will return so others might see them!

Happy birding!

Pam Otley

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