Date: 9/1/20 7:27 am
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Subject: [obol] Nocturnal calls
Hi birding friends,
This past week I’ve been camping out in the yard/farm with my kids, and thus getting to listen for birds at night. Tonight I could hear two pairs of great horned owls singing away. But more interesting, to me at least, was hearing Swainsons Thrushes fly over. Fairly frequent peep calls. The moon is quite full tonight, so I walked around the farm a bit listening for more thrush calls and to see if there was a spot I could hear them better. Interestingly, I can hear them best when I am back laying down in my tent, despite 3 kids in here with me that are, um, breathing loudly let’s say. I think having my head near the ground and my ears pointed up reduces background traffic noise, and orients my ears more towards the sky. Fun to note. I like to try and mentally trace a path in the sky between calls if it sounds like a thrush calls more than once as it flys over.

Only other bird I’ve heard has been the occasional barn owl. Still hoping for other owls. What birds do you listen for when you are outside at night during fall migration?

Near Salem,
Brandon Wagner*******
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