Date: 8/28/20 7:32 pm
From: Kevin Smith <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>
Subject: [obol] Good News!
To all Pinyon Jay watchers.  The best news so far.  We FINALLY have some
good news.  YELLOW leg bands have been seen at Crooked River Ranch.  We
have banded over 100 Pinyon Jays north of Sisters and now two have been
seen here at Crooked River Ranch!  Birds banded at CRR wear RED leg
bands but yellow is ONLY used north of Sisters.  According to Google
Earth the banding station north of Sisters is 7.39 miles from the
nearest observation station at CRR.  That means that the flock north of
Sisters CAN mix with our flock here at CRR.

Soooo-- Please keep your bins on any Pinyon Jays you see and check for
colored leg bands.  Then report them to me or Ken Hashagen. This is a
first (to my knowledge) of any study in Oregon. Nobody knows where they
nest, or roosts, or live or much of anything.

Please let me know.


Kevin Smith OR Ken Hashagen

Kevin Smith-  <kevinsmithnaturephotos...>

Ken Hashagen- <khashagen...>

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