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Subject: [texbirds] Re: Great Kiskadee(s) in Junction
Hi Rhandy,
Great sighting, and another sign that Great Kiskadees are moving way north. Based on the time of year and the fact that Great Kiskadees are often seen in groups, I think it is very possible that they bred locally. Keep your eyes open for the big, domed nest often over water. It last a while into the fall, before the weather may break it down. I don't know how long they stay in (family?) groups, but anyway they may have finished breeding fairly recently. Again, great sighting!
Tim Brush
Edinburg, TX

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Subject: [texbirds] Great Kiskadee(s) in Junction

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There are 4 Great Kiskadees on the Junction Golf Course in Kimble County. I photo-documented 3 of them in one frame this morning and can be seen on ebird post (on Easter Pageant Hill hotspot). There was a 4th bird directly overhead when I took the photo, and for a second I had 4 Kiskadees (rare for the northern Edwards Plateau) in one tree. I'm a little slow with my camera work. This is not a new county record as I had the species about 7 years ago at the water treatment plant in Junction. I believe a Kiskadee was recorded last year in Menard County, directly north. On May 27 of this year Zachary T. recorded hearing/observing a kiskadee from Easter Pageant Hill area. Part of the golf course is across the road from the hill. The golf course caretaker is a birder and he had been seeing 2 birds near the golf course clubhouse sporadically. As I mentioned in the ebird post there may have even been a 5th bird still in the South Llano River woods. Could this species have nested here this year?? Are kiskadees known to congregate in family groups?

Regarding viewing the caretaker said it would be fine but I'm not sure what the local association would say. I would say no on weekends, but early morning on week days is better. I can be contacted.

Rhandy J. Helton
Junction, Texas

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