Date: 8/25/20 7:22 pm
From: Phil Brown <pdpbrown...>
Subject: Re: [MBBIRDS] Pajaro Dunes South now off limits!
I would be EXTREMELY careful about suggesting that we have some legal
right to access.
This would potentially create a dispute that could drag on for years
(recall disputed access at half moon bay to a beach for surfers).
It would also very likely create ill will that would be very hard to
overcome, tainting this experience for all birders.
I would encourage people to be very polite and accommodating in any
approach on this subject.

> I do not want to put my foot in it, but I think a direct approach and getting the facts from the person who made the decision might be the first step. From there we can ask what is workable for both sides. Then come up with a cool password! If necessary. Jeff Manker To view this discussion on the web visit<CAAF0wfEhXOfjCcSSaMPy2Mot00Nbr5rEqU7judrb6osvkDmWdQ...>

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