Date: 8/24/20 9:40 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: ID help, PUMA?
Thanks, all. This was a total surprise find for me. If only I had seen it!

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I think the reason we all are hearing/seeing more PUMA has a lot to do with Eric Horvath’s hard work putting up boxes all over western OR 20 yrs ago. This effort has been continued by folks like Joe Metzler in  Coos County. Kudos to all the folks involved in this. Birds are now using snag habitat all over the south coast- I can’t hardly go anywhere without hearing PUMA calling during the breeding season now while working in the Coast Range. 20 yrs ago there were none.
Awesome job to all involved!
Tim RCoos Bay
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Two were over Luckiamute Landing state natural area this morning. A first for me this year at that spot, which l visit on average 4 times a month. One over my house in nw Washington County a day or two ago. Probably the latest date for my home base . But then l am home more than anytime since l moved here 27 years ago. Increased observer effort, however passive the motivation. 

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Sounds good for Purple Martin to me.  I’ve been seeing and hearing a group of 4 birds off and on for the last several weeks from the Canby side of the river (across
from Hebb County Park).  I’m pretty sure all the ones I’ve seen are immatures. 


Kay Carter



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Could this be a Purple Martin? If not, what else could it be? Recorded 8/22 in a wooded area near the Willamette in West Linn (Clackamas).


Andrew Thomas

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