Date: 8/24/20 4:39 pm
From: David Bailey <davidcbaileyoregon...>
Subject: [obol] Re: On Darrel's Grosbeak
I think it is important to note that were House or Purple Finch the rare
species, we would all probably be debating how these photos were not
unequivocal evidence for either. Darrel observed the bird for quite some
time and has shared that the photos do not display what he observed.
Apparently Chuck Philo has photos, and we're trying to see if we can get
those up on the internet. Darrel is a careful observer and his field
observations should be given more weight than these lighting-poor photos.
Again, if House or Purple Finch were the vagrant here, we would have a
difficult time with the identification from just the photos too. I don't
see any brown streaking to suggest House Finch.

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