Date: 8/24/20 1:11 pm
From: Joseph Kennedy <josephkennedy36...>
Subject: [texbirds] Coastal Birding last Thursday August 29th shorebirds and cinnamon teal
Did the loop from galveston's east beach around bolivar and 1985 on
Thursday. Driving down IH45, there was a spectacular lightning shore a ways
offshore that really entertained. It was several miles off the beaches.
Sprinkled a little while out on east beach from a clear sky and there was a
full arc rainbow in the clear blue sky. Then it was nice for the rest of
the trip.

Beaches are getting dry with sand starting to drift and blow. No islands
off the jetty with higher water this week.Terns were roosting in the
protected area. Almost no least terns for the day but another new chick
with parent on bolivar.

First birds while getting out of the car were a couple of upland sandpipers
that stayed up there. A good roost of small plovers included 15 wilson's, 4
snowy and 10 piping. The sleeping bear dunes piping was on its usual patch
and several locally banded wilson's were there too.

Biggest influx of the day was the least sandpipers I have missed all summer.

A few patches of sargassum had birds like this western sandpiper

Lots of new black-bellied plovers were in including this chick-of-the-year

And many adults

Black-necked stilts used a puddle

An odd looking duck in a puddle was confusing but I put it down as a
cinnamon teal which was the bird of the day

I get confused every fall by returning least sandpipers as you do not see
the best breeding plumage in the spring and then the young show up too. At
a distance, this bird seemed bigger with a strong breast band

Most of the arriving short-billed dowitchers were napping along with the
other birds

But some fed

Good numbers each (20) of snowy and piping plovers

But there were 67 wilson's plovers napping

Had a total of 9 banded birds including these old timers

Numbers of young western willets arrived and are paler than the adults

They westerns are starting to move into habitats formerly used by the
eastern willets which left for the south back in the last weeks of July. We
have to wait until after mid march to see them flying around again.

A tricolored heron was acting like a reddish egret

It was very tame as it is used to fishermen

Tricolored herons are semipalmated just like willets and white ibis

The rest of bolivar did not have many birds but still lots of people. 1985
had little. They are harvesting rice and there was a good bit spilled on
the edge of the road with no blackbirds interested. There had been some
good flocks a week earlier but they were elsewhere. Again no hawks.

A few ring-billed gulls had arrived on east beach but not on bolivar. No
other unlaughing gulls either.

It will be interesting to see what the storms bring in. Have to rely on
beach cameras or others as my car refuses to go to the beach with storms in
the gulf.

Joseph C. Kennedy
on Buffalo Bayou in West Houston

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