Date: 8/24/20 10:27 am
From: Hendrik Herlyn <hhactitis...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Pine Grosbeak origin
Hi all,

As one if the Lincoln Co. eBird reviewers, I looked at Bill's and Marty's
photos last night and found that there were several inconsistencies with
Pine Grosbeak. Overall, the bird doesn't look big enough; it does not have
pronounced wingbars, and the shape and color of the bill is all wrong (PIGR
should have a stubby, all dark bill; this bird has a horn-colored, more
conical bill). Also, PIGRs have a lot of gray in the plumage, which is not
present in this bird at all. Instead, it shows brownish-tan hues that are
wrong for PIGR.
I sent the pics to several other OR eBird reviewers and other experienced
birders, and so far, all who responded agreed that this is not a PIGR, but
most likely a somewhat aberant (perhaps diseased) House Finch.
It would be nice to get additional, better photos, but at this point, I
don't believe it is a Pine Grosbeak.

Sorry to bw the one to rain on the parade! 😁

Good birding


On Mon, Aug 24, 2020, 7:10 AM Darrel Faxon <t4c1x...> wrote:

> There has been some discussion between those of us who saw the Pine
> Grosbeak (Chuck Philo, Marty and Jeannie Bray, Bill Tice and myself) as to
> where the bird may be from. It appears to be a hatch year bird not long out
> of the nest, and all the red apparently has not developed in the plumage.
> But the plumage most strongly resembles that shown by Sibley as typical of
> the interior west population of the species. Marty has already posted a
> photo on e-bird and I think Bill plans to do so later today. We would be
> interested in hearing what others think in regard to this question.
> Darrel

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