Date: 8/23/20 5:13 pm
From: Roy Lowe <roy.loweiii...>
Subject: [obol] Revealed in Photos
Several weeks ago Rick Vetter told us a story about photographing a peregrine falcon near Burns, OR and while viewing the photos on his computer several days later he discovered that the bird was banded. Like many of you I’m guessing, I have had numerous experiences of finding things in my photographs that I didn’t detect at the time of taking the photo. This happened to me again yesterday. I pulled off on the north side of Highway 34 near the Eckman Lake outfall in my mobile blind and I saw a lone great egret in the marsh very close to the road. I have a ton of egret photos, but I thought since it was close maybe I could capture some unique shot or behavior so I coasted until I was opposite the bird and shut off the engine. The bird didn’t flush so I took some photos but nothing too grand was captured. When I got home I looked through my photos and on the second sweep through I noticed that in every image their was something small sticking out of the right side of the bill. At first I thought it may just be some vegetation or a twig, but upon zooming in I was dismayed to see fishing line or a leader extending out of its mouth. Undoubtedly, there is a hook embedded inside but I’m having a hard time conceiving how this happened. The first photo demonstrates how difficult it would be to see the line in real time. The second photo is cropped to 350% and tells a different story.

Roy Lowe,

Waldport, OR

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