Date: 8/22/20 2:49 pm
From: Les Eastman <les...>
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Oops, I meant for this to go to the whole group.

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Subject: Re: [MDBirding] Carbo-loading Hummingbirds
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From: Les Eastman <les...>
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On 8/22/2020 12:14 PM, 'Paul O'Brien' via Maryland & DC Birding wrote:
> They are tanking up for the trek to winter quarters, so lots of feeder
> activity.  The males will be gone in a few days. But all is not lost.
>  If you have ever enjoyed the show at the Paton's house in Patagonia,
> AZ, you should be aware that, although the Patons are gone, Tucson
> Audubon owns and maintains the property, including web cams.  Go to
> to see the two Paton Center hummingbird cams.  So far
> this month I have seen Broad-billed, Black-chinned (the two most
> common), Anna's, Violet-crowned (not for a few days), Broad-tailed and
> Rufous, Just in from the Rockies.  It's a great way to spend time cooped
> up with SARS CoV 2 both day and night.  Yes, night.  Mexican
> Long-tongued Bats stick their absurdly long snouts in the ports and can
> drain the feeders overnight.  It's quite a show and a great diversion
> from, well, you know what.  Enjoy!
> Paul O'Brien
> Rockville, Mont. Co., MD

There is also the Cornell feeder cam in west Texas.


Les Eastman
Fountain Hills, AZ

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